Der Tschudl Hof - Tschudl Hof’s ‘Genusshütte’

Regional Specialities around the Clock

The Tschudl Hof farm was settled over 350 years ago in the Vassach neighborhood in the north of Villach. Julia and Hans Putz-Himmel are the 10th generation to run the farm, and have been doing so since 2019.

Since they took over, there has been a self-serve farmstand on the property that is available to customers 24 hours a day, where they offer not only delicacies from their own farm production but also products from other regional partners. There is a debit-card-operated vending machine from which you can buy chilled products, and purchasing all other products takes place on an honor system - customers pay cash and give themselves change from the basket.

What They Have

  • Their own farm-raised premium eggs
  • Tschudl-made Carinthian cheese dumplings (Kasnudel)
  • Homemade egg liqueur
  • Bread and pastries from the Berger Bakery in Villach
  • Coffee from Villach’s Kaffeemacher coffee roastery
  • Pumpkin seed oil from the Rosental Valley
  • Potatoes from St. Egyden
  • Hard and soft cheeses
  • Organic yogurt, curd cheese, and whole milk

Several times a year you also have the opportunity to pre-order beef from their fine French Charolais cattle, as well as organic chicken from Biohof Sagmeister organic farm. Reserve your meat via email (office@tschudlhof.com) or Facebook.

Contact Details
Genusshütte Tschudl Hof
Essachweg 14
9500 Villach
+43 660 12 27 787


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