Frierss Feines Haus Delicatessen

The Highest Quality Gourmet Foods

That is what Frierss Feines Haus Delicatessen on the edge of Villach stands for. In addition to homemade Frierss sausage and ham specialities, you can also find select delicacies from Carinthia, Austria, and the entire Alps-Adriatic region.

Whether their finest olive oils, rare spices, or truffle specialities, this gourmet food shop invites you to taste and discover its quality and selection.

What They Have

  • Spice and herb blends from Feines Haus by Stefan Lastin
  • Pesto specialities from Grossauer
  • Spices from Ingo Holland
  • Salt specialities from Piranske Soline and Salzreich
  • Tapenades from Stekovics
  • Sauces from Stokes
  • Oils from Fandler, Gams, Kaschowitz, Pilz Lenz, and the Alps-Adriatic region
  • Vinegars from Fischerauer, Gölles, und Mayer + Mayer
  • Chutneys und preserved specialities from Fink’s, Gölles, Ingo Holland, Stekovics, and Zimmermann
  • Mustards from Lustenauer, Fischerauer, und Wenger
  • Truffle specialities from the Alps-Adriatic region
  • Pasta, risotto, grissini, and edible seeds from Carinthia’s Knafl Farm
  • Jauntal Valley Buckwheat
  • Sweets from chocolatier Craigher and specialities from Glinitzer’s
  • Honey specialities from Albin Otti
  • Fine spirits from Gölles, Herzog, Ortner, Pfau, und Reisetbauer

Contact Details
Frierss Feines Haus
Delicatessen | Restaurant | Wholesale
Gewerbezeile 2
9500 Villach
+43 4242 30 40 44

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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