Hannes Tschemernjak, Proprietor of the Oldest Restaurant in Carinthia

The host of Der Tschebull on Lake Faak is one of the initiators of KÜCHENKULT and has been part of it since 2015.

With a grin on his face, Hannes Tschemernjak says he is “gastronomically predisposed.” The family has hosted guests on Lake Faak since 1849 and the quality of the food keeps people coming again and again.

But Hannes Tschemernjak first ventured out into the world. After he successfully finished a hotel management school in Bayern, his “years of culinary traveling” began as he went to Vienna, Florence, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. One of his companions was the Carinthian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who has been responsible for catering the Oscars for over 25 years. Since the mid-2000s Hannes Tschermernjak has also often been present when it’s time for, “And the Oscar goes to….”
The culinary Oscar is also celebrated every year at Der Tschebull on Lake Faak when Hannes Tschemernjak and his team treat KÜCHENKULT guests to the full spectrum of their culinary expertise.

Contact Details
Der Tschebull am Faaker See
Egger-Seeuferstraße 26
9580 Egg am Faaker See
+43 4254 2191

FALSTAFF Restaurant Guide 2020:
1 Fork | 82 Points

Gault & Millau:
1 Toque | 11.5 Points

Wirtshausführer - Wine Connoisseur of the Year (2017)


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