The Talented Culinary Artist in Naturel Hoteldorf Schönleitn’s Dorfwirt Restaurant

Marco van der Broek has returned to Lake Faak and this fall is celebrating his KÜCHENKULT premier.

For the last 15 years Marco van der Broek has stood “behind the stove” and embraced his absolute dream job - he knew since he was 12 year old that he wanted to become a cook. Ask the youngest of the KÜCHENKULT chefs what his personal philosophy is and he’ll say that every guest has the right to good food - and you can taste this worthy aspiration in his cooking.

For KÜCHENKULT, this friendly head chef embraces teamwork and the best ingredients from the Alps-Adriatic region. Guests can look forward to diverse and exciting new creations!

Contact Details
Naturel Hotels & Resorts Dorf SCHÖNLEITN
Dorfstraße 26
9582 Oberaichwald
+43 4254 2384


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