Fischerei Payr - Payr Fish Farm

Fresh Fish from the Gurk River

In Sirnitz in the township of Feldkirchen, the clocks tick a little slower. And for the quality of Martin Payr’s fish, that’s a good thing.

Considered the keeper of native fish species at his Payr Fish Farm, this university-trained fish economist has made it his business to keep the old traditions of aquaculture alive. And this is why the fish from Payr Fish Farm are raised according to a holistic concept - they grow slowly in 8℃ water from the Gurk River and land, freshly caught, in the kitchens of our KÜCHENKULT culinary artists.

Out of this comes especially high quality, which is now embraced by many top chefs all over Carinthia.

Contact Details
Fischereibetrieb Payr
Neualbeck 10
9571 Sirnitz
+43 664 79 35 452

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