The KÜCHENKULT Slow Food Community

Conscious, regional, and sustainable - this is the Slow Food concept and what the organization has stood for since it was established in Italy in 1986 as a countermovement to fast food. Today Slow Food represents a global movement which millions of people in thousands of projects and over 160 countries are involved in.

Carinthia, Right in the Middle of It

Slow Food Carinthia promotes the development of a healthy and responsible regional food and nutrition culture, and with seven Slow Food Villages is Austria’s forerunner. Good, clean, and fair - this is the motto of Slow Food Carinthia, and stands for a nourishing, healthy, and fresh food culture; for the production of food that works in harmony with nature and health; and for fair conditions, fair prices, and social justice.

The Slow Food Villages

The Carinthian Slow Food Villages are Arriach, Berg im Drautal, Millstatt, Irschen (the so-called nature and herb village), Nötsch, Obervellach, and St. Daniel im Gailtal. Each of them has their own main focus, but the same goal: culinary enjoyment with accountability.

The cornerstones of KÜCHENKULT have also always been consciousness, regionality, and sustainability. And that's why we are excited to cooperate with the organization officially as the KÜCHENKULT Slow Food Community and take you on culinary journeys through the Region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See.


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