KÜCHENKULT – a journey of taste in the heart of Carinthia

Villach’s most creative chefs and producers show what they can do.


In the border triangle of Austria, Italy and Slovenia, three cultures converge for variety that permeates every aspect of life. A unique landscape that is also an exceptional region when it comes to enjoying specialties for locals and guests alike.

Since 2015 the tasty side of Villach can be experienced in a very special manner during the KÜCHENKULT gourmet festivals. Local chefs are conjuring up unusual taste sensations using basic products that mainly come from the region and from the Alps-Adriatic area.

The individual menus give an insight into how three cultures have influenced the cuisine of the region, and continue to do so. Adjacent to Italy and Slovenia, the different influences of three cultures in the greater area of Villach merge to create a diversity that runs through all areas of life. And these influences are also reflected in the menus of KÜCHENKULT.


Relaxing and restorative. The region of Villach is a popular holiday destination that has something for every taste – from a wellness holiday in the hot springs spa town to delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the old town up to and including a beach holiday on Austria’s warmest bathing lakes. This is where you can relax to the fullest and feel most welcome.

Villach’s hospitality is known well beyond its borders and the region’s local tourism companies make your vacation an incredible experience.


Authentic and refined products. Villach’s top chefs love products harvested fresh by local growers. Meals that are as creative as they are rooted in a long tradition. Mouth-watering dishes for guests. Here, we’re passionate about cooking and the taste speaks for itself.
Villach’s cuisine has a cult following in every season and can be enjoyed to its fullest during the KÜCHENKULT festival for food lovers.


Plenty of variety and never a dull moment. The border triangle is a true outdoor playground without any boundaries with Villach right at its centre. There are attractive recreational activities for every season and weather. Hiking, sailing, ice skating, skiing, swimming and much more.

The free Villach Region Experience CARD alone offers 600 different holiday experiences - and that is but a fraction of possibilities.


Take the opportunity right here and send a quick inquiry to the hotels in the region.

The alpine and Adriatic specialties at our festivals offer the perfect opportunity to experience, taste and fully enjoy the incredible variety the region of Villach has to offer. We recommend staying longer than one day so that you can enjoy the individual events to their fullest as well as for a restorative experience.


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